The adventures of peanut and buttercup

This adventure started with a magical series of events too long to describe in this post…. But brought us to a place I had always dreamed of visiting as my “trip of a lifetime”, with such a special person in my life. After a red-eye flight into Belize city, we made our way with a random group of Dutch men (shared a taxi piloted by their “man” Dennis) towards the downtown port area.

Belize city port

Upon being dropped off at the port and buying our tickets, Sean started the day off with a refreshing gulp of Belikin beer…to then find out it was 11 am…slight time change miscalculation. Switch to breakfast time.

imageBelize city- Spoonaz cafeimage

With our newly earned few hours, we ventured to a beautiful oasis a few doors down called Spoonaz. Some COFFEE, messy ribs, and a nice convo with the owner about his multi-generational roots in the area refueled us for the next leg.

We boarded our first boat and enjoyed the 45 minute ride to Caye Caulker, a “backpackers” island north east of the city.



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